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Hydrangea flower head - pastel on paperStudent Zonestill life on canvas

The great thing about getting creative with art is the sense of achievement it gives you when something you do has that little bit of magic and you like the results enough to pop it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Often it is a “mistake” that evolves in to something special, particularly with a medium like watercolour.. if you ever get frustrated at the work you produce that you're just not happy with,you can comfort yourself with is the thought that even a great artist like Piccasso or Turner probably had a full waste paper bin of rejects!

Students on my courses have had two public art exhibitions so far in the foyer of Wyllyotts Theatre here in Potters Bar in June 2010 and September/October 2011 and I have been really proud of them and their achievements. Below is a selection of work from the last 3 years of classes at The Studio...It is a pity I haven't taken a photo of everyone's work as there are many wonderful paintings that escaped getting the David Bailey treatment from me!

flower - watercolourApollo - watercolourblack and white study in charcoalCherry blossom - watercolourhydrangea flower - watercolourBlue and white ginger jar with Primula - watercolour & pastelrobin - watercolourmonet masterpiece as inspiration for this watercolourwatercolour of tribal women carrying firewood along a beachsunset sky - pastel on paperbeach scene - watercolourmonet painting as inspiration for this landscapeJasper- watercolour of a dog asleep in his basketelephants - charcoal on wallpaper!still life in charcoal and white conte crayon