photo of artist by Jan LetochaThe Artist...

With several successful exhibitions in recent years I have sold prints of my work internationally and have even exhibited alongside luminaries such as Damien Hurst and David Hockney…pure fluke mind you!          photo by Jan Latocha

Art Courses...students drawing vine leaves ina class

My courses are all about having fun and getting in touch with your innate creativity. We focus on the same subject together, but you work at your own level. All groups are mixed ability. Some students may have Art A level or even a degree;others have not drawn or painted since school.Art classes are about sharing…not comparing!

photo of the StudioThe Studio...

A pebble driveway I call Brighton Beach leads to the private studio where I give lessons.
Whitewashed walls and floor continue the beach hut theme and it is a lovely peaceful space. It is small so classes are for no more than 4 students max.

Yoga…what is the connection?
watercolour of salute tothe sun- a Yoga exercise

Tense, nervous, stressed out? If this is how you feel you will not find it easy to be creative with your art.

I believe that you first need to RELAX and CHILL…to get in to the part of your unconscious brain that will let you be more free in expressing your ideas…

digital image of an allium christophii seed headsThe Gallery...

Come and browse my virtual gallery. I paint in a variety of mediums and also enjoy creating digital images; so I’ve put together a few samples of my work

News and image of magnolia grandiflora

This section is for my personal thoughts on various arty themes.. ranging from art programmes coming up on the telly that sound worth watching to art exhibitions you might like to visit

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