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"Interest on the Bottom Line" - montage of newsprint & pastelInterest on the Bottom Line
montage – oil pastel on newsprint   ••••

"Trio"- Indian ink sketch that has been digitally enhanced
original Indian ink sketch    digitally enhanced   •••

"Red Lips & a Beauty Spot" - charcoal conte and pastelRed Lips and a Beauty Spot
charcoal, conte & oil pastel

"Girl with a Head for Figures" - montage of newsprint & oil pastelGirl with a Head for Figures
montage – oil pastel on newsprint    ••••

"Magenta" - oil pastelMagenta
oil pastel  SOLD

"Bowl of Cherries" - watercolourBowl of Cherries  NFA

"Sunny Window" - montage of news print and oil pastelSunny Window    SOLD
montage of newsprint and oil pastel


why not commission a figurative study?

This would be a very personal and original gift for a partner...a magical suprise wedding or anniversary present for your husband...or a pressy for yourself...just a wonderful way of celebrating your feminine curves!

I use photographs I take at a first sitting and we work together on the ideas of how to pose you and what style or colours you want to use.As you can see from these examples my portfolio is quite varied and price depends on what you choose. Pastel on paper starts at £450; if you want to be captured in oils.Be brave and you will have something to show off...yes, you can look good naked!