Magnolia Grandiflora - digital image Magnolia Grandiflora   •••••

Old English Roses - digital image    Old English Roses

White Stone & Orchids - digital image    White Stone & Orchids   

White Faces - digital image    White Faces

Fiery Russet - digital image    Fiery Russet

Seed capsules - digital image    Seed Capsules

Snow in Spring - digital image  Snow in Spring

Moonlight Allium - digital image  Moonlight Allium •••

 Moonlight Lillies - digital image   Moonlight Lillies         

digital image -title:   Magnolia Tree

Digital images

I have always been a keen photographer and in recent years I have been succsessful in selling prints of my work on both paper and box canvases at exhibitions and on line. If you are interested prices start at £165. I have a huge variety of images to choose from with just a small sample shown here. Mostly they are horticultural subjects.If you have a specific palette you want to match or a particular plant in mind you could email me to see if I have anything suitable in my archive!

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