Bare Faced Cheek June 14th 2007

…despite the rain thunder and lightening a lot of brave souls walked through the park at Forty Hall for the Private View and we all had an enjoyable party! Advertisements for a new exhibition at Forty Hall featuring naked bodies have had to be censored at libraries around Enfield for fear of causing a scandal.... talking about the decision, the artist said" I don't mind it at all. I think it's quite amusing"....the local press certainly had fun with their articles about the show...

“A nipple-free zone” Enfield Independent May 30th '07   

An artist has been causing a stir since the opening of her solo exhibition of nudes...

"Exposing her talent at Forty Hall" Enfield Advertiser June 20th '07    

An artist has been "censored" after opening a solo exhibition of nude pictures...

"Bare-faced Cheek exhibition poster

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photo from thye private view of the exhibition

photo fromthe private view

photo from the private view

photos from the private view...

photo from the private view
photo from the private view
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