artist painting in the StudioThe Artist Jane Kerr Wood

Why did I become an artist?

Well I've had an overwhelming urge to be creative; to make things, draw & paint since childhood. When I ran out of paper I'd draw on the walls in my bedroom (little monster!) I spent most of the time in lessons drawing in the margins of school books instead of listening to the teacher…

Photography was another hobby & I spent many hours busy in the dark room at school experimenting with printing techniques. Yes…I am a "dinosaur" as these are all almost obsolete skills now we all have digital cameras. I wanted to study for a degree in Art but as my parents were so against this as a career I ended up following their advice & taking a more academic subject: an Honours Degree in Medieval & Prehistoric Archaeology & English Literature. …hard work when I could have had a few fun years enjoying myself at Art college! I was paid well for my first commission - an oil of a steam engine going over a bridge painted at the age of 17; however parents won and my brushes were duly put away & my "A" level in Art gathered dust in a drawer.After 20 years in a career that included counselling, training & setting up groups I re-trained as an interior designer and found the bit I enjoyed the most was drawing the room elevations and sourcing artwork for clients. So my brushes were finally out & I started painting again.

With several successful exhibitions in recent years & sales of prints internationally I was approached many times about offering tuition. I took up this challenge & started running Art courses in 2008. Inspiring & teaching people to make artworks for themselves was a natural development that I have really enjoyed. As a relative newcomer I have already had some interesting experiences. A painting I donated to a charity auction by Christies "small works by GREAT ARTISTS" 2005 held in Edinburgh was chosen as one of the images for both the poster & invitation for the event out of over 300 artists who were involved; most of whom were well known names such as David Hockney, Norman Ackroyd RA, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder RA the Chapman Brothers & Damien Hirst. I have also had various solo exhibitions:

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