Warrior Women - acrylic & house emulsion on canvasYoga…what is the connection with art?

Tense, nervous, stressed out? If this is how you feel you will not find it easy to be creative with your art. I believe that you first need to RELAX and CHILL…to get in to the part of your unconscious brain that will let you be more free in expressing your ideas… OK; so you could drink alcohol or take mind altering drugs… my method is to start lessons with a couple of minutes of deep breathing & relaxing stretches based on Yoga!

Although there have been periods in my life when I have not practiced as much as I should, it has"Side by Side Slide" acrylic & house emulsion on canvas always been an important part of my life. I recognise that it is a powerful force for good in terms of both physical & mental health.I learned about Yoga from my mother.When I was about 8 years old she started to teach small private classes in our home…the furniture was pushed back & the class took place in the lounge. It was natural for me to watch TV stood on my head sometimes …"strange child" I hear you say! Throughout my life I have tried to keep up the practice; often just alone at home at quiet times; however the fun of taking part in large classes has the power to push you to achieve far more than you can on your own.

The idea of painting figures practicing Yoga comes from the fantastic classes I attended at the Esporta Health Club over a number of years. There would be 20 or more of us in a studio concentrating hard to hold difficult & challenging positions & the patterns of multiple bodies in the same pose attracted my "artist's eye" as an interesting subject. With the permission of the management, other students & the Yoga teachers involved, I took my camera in to several of the classes & the art work in this exhibition is the result of the studies made from this source material. The atmosphere in these large classes is often highly charged with physical energy. Unlike many other types of activity, in Yoga this is juxtaposed with the spiritual element that i"Tree of Life" - acrylic and house emulsion on canvasinvolves the participants in directing their minds to positive thoughts and achieving calmness and tranquillity. My experience was of always leaving the classes feeling wonderfully relaxed. I just hope that I have captured this sense of power strength and spirituality in these paintings and that they will be a source of inspiration to get people more interested in such a life affirming energetic celebration of movement!

In 2010 a joint Art exhibition in North London with the title "Bodies in Motion" showcased my work based on these photographs taken by me.The resulting Art work was well received in terms of both sales & lots of positive comments.The three large canvases on this page were the centre of attention, probably because of their size. £495 each and still needing a home in a hotel spa or health club.To see a further selection of the paintings click here.artist at the exhibition by photo journalist Lucy Young

Bodies in Motion press

“Show displays Jane's talents at full stretch ”…Jane has built up an impressive collection of pictures inspired by the body and the spiritual side of Yoga." Enfield Advertiser March 25th 2010                                                  photo by Lucy Young

“Stillness unites with High energy ”...The passion and energy of salsa dancing meets the calmness of yoga at an art exhibition taking place at Forty Hall this month…” Enfield Independent March 2010


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