paintings from the “Bodies in Motion” exhibition



"Snake Hips" watercolour

“Snake Hips"



"Salute to the sun" watercolour

“Salute to the Sun”   ••••


 "Perfect Place to Practice Poses" watercolour painting

“Perfect Place to Practice Poses”

 original watercolour   SOLD

 "Sun Sea sand and Sublime Solitude" watercolour painting

 “Sun Sea Sand and Sublime   Solitude"   ••••

 original watercolour   SOLD


"Curvy Swirly Girl" watercolour painting

  “Curvy Swirly Girl”  •••••

  original watercolour   SOLD  


"inclined to Feel Fantastic!" - watercolour painting 

 “Inclined to Feel Fantastic”   


"Freedom" watercolour painting


  original watercolour   SOLD

Colin.. Davis - a leading professional Yoga teacher in LondonThis is a photo of Colin Davis,one of my Yoga teachers at the exhibition giving a demo of how “Warrior" pose is done properly! The series of paintings evolved out of photographs I took over a couple of weeks when I was actually participating in several Yoga sessions at Esporta Health club a few years ago. When I saw an interesting angle I just came out of my asana and grabbed my camera and started shooting....with everyone's permission of course! It was often a really big class with 20 or more people in the same pose,their bodies created fascinating shapes. Everyone is concentrating hard on holding their pose so together with the strong spiritual element involved in Yoga this made the subject fascinating and very powerful.

The three large canvases 1 metre sq that were the focus of the exhibition have yet to find a home. They are so large they need a corporate space in a health club or leisure facility in a hotel to be seen to advantage. Click here to be reminded what they look like..“Warrior Women” “Side by Side Slide” and “Tree of Life”...

My sponsors for the exhibition were

Curwens solicitors company logo - sponsors of the exhibition & Esporta Health Clubs

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